In this note, I am summary the most common basic mardown’s syntax that I usually used during my take noting all the notes’ series in this blog.

Basic synax

Element Syntax Display
Heading # H1 heading
## H2 heading
Bold Bold text Bold text
Italic Italic text Italic text
Bold+Italic Bold+Italic Bold+Italic
Blockquote > blockquote  
Order list 1. First item
2. Second item
4. Third item (auto, event type 4)
Unordered list - First item
- Second item
- sub-item (1 tab or 4 space)
- sub-item (1 tab or 4 space)
- Third item
Code Code  
Link My site  
Image alt text  
Name Lunch order Spicy Owes
Joan saag paneer medium $11
Sally vindaloo mild $14
Erin lamb madras HOT $5